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About Felcon

About Us

Felcon design and build specialist equipment for cleanrooms, laboratories and hospitals.

Felcon has been an ever growing business since 1971. By keeping up with an ever changing world and providing the highest standards possible, this gives Felcon their individuality and strength to provide not only professional worldwide equipment, but a step up against competitors.

All Felcon Equipment, Stainless Steel or Thermoplastics is built within its own manufacturing factory in Newhaven. With a team of experienced in-house Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Test Engineers, Felcon are able to design and build to suit any application, large or small.

Felcon supply many of the leading companies in all areas of industry, research and education throughout the world.


With over 50 years of experience, this has left Felcon with a global footprint enabling us to equip businesses from all over the World.

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Felcon Installations & Representations:

Europe: UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Cyprus, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Turkey, Portugal & Spain

Asia: China, India, Singapore, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia & Taiwan

Middle East: Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen & Oman

We have also carried out work in vast locations across North America, Africa, Australia & New Zealand

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